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    A newsletter about EU politics with a startup flavour.

    Bursting the Bubble

    We collate and curate the best international media content produced on and about the European Union, Europe and the 'Eurobubble', so you don't have to. The idea is to provide an 'executive summary' so that the most seasoned europhile, concerned citizen, student, and policy wonk can stay in the loop with the most important and interesting reads of the week.

    Explaining the EU

    We live in an age of news and media saturation. This is exacerbated by the hard to navigate EU landscape. From online, print and social media there has never been a greater need for a single source where you can read with the peace of mind that all your loose ends are tied in what is happening in and around the Brussels Bubble and the EU. Brussels Brief reduces the noise so you don't have to.

    Millennial Focus

    This is EU's freshest weekly digest. With your help, we will make it the best. Curated by globalised millennials, for globalised millennials, below is a taste of what you can expect to receive every Thursday in the comfort of your inbox. Don't take our word for it, sign up and see for yourself!

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